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I began the year of 2019 setting intentions to dive deeper into my aspirations and prepare myself to achieve goals in the year of 2020. As the year of 2020 ends I mentally shut down and begin to feel like a failure. So many ups and downs had occurred over the past two years that I felt as if I haven't really grown and I didn't have anything to show for my hard work and determination to grow and better myself. And then came the shame. My depression over feeling like a failure made me shameful for not being appreciative of the small achievements obtained and the blessings awarded to me. Being in a dark mental space really took a lot of energy out of me and hindered my ability to be the open and loving person that people needed me to be. Decided to take a week off to mentally and physically restore myself. During this time I found myself redirecting my focus from failure to incomplete.

Incomplete means still loading. Incomplete means still processing. Incomplete means not finished yet. I am not where I want to be but I have not given up on my dreams and goals. I am still working towards becoming the person that God has ordained me to be. Each moment of my life is just a piece of the masterpiece that God is putting together for everyone to see his work in me and through me. I am not a failure. My journey is incomplete.



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