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I find it amusing that everyone magically becomes inspired to renew themselves at the beginning of the calendar year. Why wait for your fresh start? I was questioned on multiple occasions, "How is your new year starting?" My response is always the same, "Good yours?". A basic answer for your basic way of thinking. I don't let the time tables that were created by man to define how I manage my goals and actions. I renew myself daily, not annually. You should be continuously pushing yourself to grow and learn and set goals. I am not saying that being on a set schedule or timeline is not important but I do not believe in boxing yourself into these time frames. The first week of January 2019 was very uncomfortable and overwhelming. Happiness and renewal of my mind and spirit did not set in until almost a week after the new year began. The people and situations that I was involved was being dealt with on God's time and not mine or the calendar year. Stay focused on you and your relationship with God and all things will shape in a spiritual season of growth and not by dates and times. I good friend of mine challenged me to set intentions with everything I do. She may have only addressed it for a certain situations but as I challenge myself I am also challenging you to do the same. Analyze and understand what is it that you want to get out of a situation, your day, a particular environment that you are putting yourself in. Figure out where you want to be and go and who you want to be around and set that intention. No more annual long term commitments to fail. Be faithful to the moment and your growth to grow beautifully inside and out. This will create a longevity of habits for healthy relationships with yourself, others, and your business endeavors. Be Intentional All 2019.