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There are many times in life when you have to cleanse yourself from your past and start things new. You shower, you wash your hair, you brush your teeth but when do you cleanse your mind and spirit?

After 10 years of having permed hair I decided to let my natural hair return. Being natural in my own skin has allowed me to embrace my authenticity. I've learned that in order to stay authentic and keep my peace within myself I have to continuously assess the things that I allow into my circle and the people that surround me. I am not saying that I do not come across individuals or situations that disrupt my circle of peace but as an adult I am mature enough to acknowledge what I am willing to accept in my life and when to take action.

I have recently found myself referring to this concept as a fuel tank method. Certain things and people take a lot of energy out of me and others help to refill my tank. Having a moment of silence and separation from the world helps to quiet things down from my busy day to allow for my thoughts to process and my emotions to neutralize. In these moments I pray to my source of fuel, my heavenly father, and I ask him for guidance and also for restoration of my spirit. I assess the people around me that I no longer need to associate with or the activities that I participate in that may not be directing me towards my future.

I have loved myself more in the past two years than I have ever imagined. To know who I am authentically inside and out has given me so much power and courage to chase my dreams and accomplish my goals fearfully. I am a strong woman and I can say that mentally and emotionally. As a woman I find it very important to surround myself with other females that are along the same path as I am . ReFresh your mind and spirit as often as you need to keep your peace and align yourself with the path of success that was made for you.