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- Transparency -

To be transparent. To provide clarity. Genuine. Real. I have came across so many people recently that are not really sure of who they are and struggle internally with their actions not aligning with the words they speak. Clarity. I often ask people "Please help me to understand". How can you honestly sleep peacefully knowing that you are not who you say you are. You spent 24 hours worth of energy claiming to be something other than yourself. Your beautiful self was neglected for 24 hours. As a child I created a persona to express myself without fully allowing the world to see who I was because I was afraid. All my years of being bullied as a young child created a fear within me that no matter what I did or did not do. Someone would not approve of or accept me. so I started to wear sunglasses. Everyday, all day. I did not go anywhere without them. If they were not resting on my nose, they resting on the top of my head. Covering my eyes shielded me from disclosing my true emotions and feelings. It took a long time for me to build up the courage to whole-heartedly indulge in social relationships. I lost so many opportunities to show my beautifully created soul to others so now I genuinely search for a connection with other beautiful spirits that I come in contact with. I am no longer afraid to share my unique and individual flaws that have shaped the beautiful woman I have become. God made us all uniquely beautiful so why not share your spirit with someone. Be 100% real with yourself and those around you. With your feelings and with your intentions. Be Clear in what you want out of life and Be Confident that it's yours. I pray for the individuals that are lost within themselves. My heart saddens when I meet people who are too weak to uncover their masks. Because I know how it feels. But truthfully, It takes more effort to hide and no rewards come from that it. The one who seeks, is the one who finds. Search intentionally to learn about yourself daily and you will find the most rewarding thing. Transparency.

- Kyn