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This Labor Day Weekend sparked a deep thought in my mind about the importance of taking a break from everything and everybody and restoring myself. God has a funny way of getting your attention. As I lay in bed sick for 2 days I began to ponder on this topic below........

Mastering confidentiality. Something I will always push myself to do. As a healthcare professional I have been trained to professionally communicate while being discrete about other people's problems. But there is no training for how to keep your personal life to yourself. Over the years a few phrases have stuck with me. "You have two ears and one mouth for a reason". "A wise man will listen more than he speaks". "Don't reveal your next move until your next move is made". I have realized that my upgrades in life came during times of isolation and changes within my inner circle. When God is ready to push me into another level of my life, he tells me. And only me. He doesn't tell my family or friends. This is something that has taken a long time for me to come to terms with. I now take my ideas and visions that I have been blessed with and protect them with my whole being. I build on my visions with planting my seeds and watering them with prayer. As my growth and blessings are revealed to me I then reveal slowly without complete detail reveal to others. Everyone is not always going to celebrate your every move with you or guide you to that next level that you wish to achieve. I use this method for good news and bad. Everything you grow through doesn't have to be shared. Reserve your energy to bless others and to pour God's love into them. Think consciously about how much you take from others by venting to them or asking them for advice or constantly needing to talk to them about your thoughts and situations. I'm not saying to always be secretive but just understand the importance of confidentiality and respecting your relationship with God that continuously provides your source of strength and guidance as you succeed in life.

- Kyn