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Wishful Thinking

Every child has dreams and aspirations of what they would like for their future. You always hear people telling you, "You can be anything you want to be." This statement is true but as a young adult I refrain from repeating this classic phrase. I lean more towards "You will become whatever your work produces." Some people may hear/read this and think why is she being so negative. I consider myself more realistic than negative. When you shield a child from the reality of a situation you are only creating a barrier for them that could potentially affect their journey in life. Things were not always difficult for me growing up. I was surrounded by loved ones, school was not challenging and I even had a very strong social life. This doesn't mean that I didn't have struggles in these areas of my life at some point in time. But I say this to you because when I faced any struggles there was no sympathy for me. Because I appeared to "have it all" I did not have hardships or struggles. I was spoiled and ungrateful if I was sad or showed weakness. Feelings. Everyone has feelings. Nobody's struggle is greater than another person's struggle. Only God knows how much each individual can bear. Everyone has to work hard to reach their goals. You can never be pushed too hard to make yourself a better person. So as a mentor I always encourage individuals to be mindful of their wishful thinking. You want friends? Then be friendly and put in the work to earn a friendship. You want that job? Then type up that resume, do your research and meet the qualifications. You want good grades? Then study and make an effort to put forward your best work. Everyday you should be doing something that will put you one step closer to your dream. Your thoughts influence your speech, your speech influence your actions and your actions portray your character. Who you wish to be tomorrow will only come true based off the work you put in today. Always push past the wishful thinking and actually become what you dream about. Don't just think. Do.

- Kyn